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Benefits of Tattoos

    When we get a tattoo, the first thing we worry about is our health. We seek to put ourselves in the hands of the best professionals to tattoo us, with the best equipment and above all the best prestige. We are so worried about the risks to our health when we get a tattoo that we forget that apart from the risks, there are also benefits.

    1. Tattoos are good for your defenses
      When you get a tattoo we create small lesions on your skin to be able to dye it. For that reason our body releases antibodies to be able to heal itself. These antibodies, to a greater extent, help us to protect ourselves from numerous risk factors for our health that exist in our environment; we avoid gastrointestinal, respiratory problems, among others. Your body also receives a different and foreign element to which it is not accustomed: ink. This increases the creation of white blood cells that try to fight against that foreign body.
    2. Cortisol disappears
      The stress hormone called cortisol is seen in great levels of reduction when tattooing. And this has to do with the above process. By improving the immune system, cortisol is reduced and small problems in our health are reduced as well. Cortisol is a trigger for many of our health problems such as memory loss, headache, increased blood pressure and weight gain. Tattooing reduces this hormone.
      Most diets that athletes do decrease the level of cortisol to avoid suppressing the body’s recovery and regeneration. Cortisol, by preventing regeneration also prevents rapid muscle growth. That is why athletes try to reduce the levels of this hormone in their body.
    3. Tattooing or working, an old-fashioned stigma
      In the old days, it was thought that an eye-catching tattoo could prevent you from getting that job you were preparing for. And many people erased their tattoos for this reason. But it is true that nowadays many companies are looking for a young spirit in their candidates who fit this type of profile and image. Even so, we must be careful with the type of tattoo we opt for since many companies reject candidates for tattoos that may seem offensive.
    4. Improve your self-esteem
      As when you get a new haircut, a tattoo has the same psychological effect but multiplied by a thousand. You try to show it off to everyone, it gives you confidence and you feel new. A university study affirmed that tattoos have a direct relationship with this effect on our psychology. Individuals who participated in the study noticed a considerable change in their mood, especially those who have suffered from depression at some point in their lives.
      It is clear that getting tattoos is a positive process in our health because even though it hurts to get them, most people who start can’t stop. Perhaps the fresh ink conveys that feeling of change and of acquiring something new.