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How to wash yourself with recently gotten tattoo?

    Once you get a tattoo and you’re happy with it, you’ll need to take proper care of it to keep your skin healthy and looking nice. First remove the bandage that the tattoo artist has placed over the tattoo, and then clean it. You will need to clean the tattoo three times a day for two weeks. After the first cleaning, you can get in the shower. Avoid using hot water and high water pressure to minimize irritation.

    Dealing with the bandage
    Follow the tattoo artist’s recommendation on when to remove the bandage. Tattoos heal at different rates depending on factors such as skin sensitivity and how large or deep the tattoo is. The tattoo artist will tell you how long you should keep the bandage on the tattoo.
    Do not shower with the bandage in place. The water will wet the bandage and hold it against the tattoo, which could introduce bacteria into the tattoo. If the bandage sticks to the tattoo, run it under indirect warm water in the shower, which will loosen the adhesive. Then continue to clean it.

    Washing the tattoo
    Talk to the tattoo artist about the most appropriate waiting time for showering. Generally, you should wait at least a full day after getting tattooed before doing so, and the first few showers should not be too long.
    Use lukewarm water. Hot water can make your tattoo prickle, so it’s best to avoid it. Pouring hot water too soon after getting a tattoo can also cause the tattoo to fade, as it opens the pores; in fact, it is advisable to run cold water over the tattoo for 30 seconds at the end of your shower to tighten the pores.
    Do not use a strong sprayer on the tattoo, as this may irritate it. If you only have a shower head with a strong sprayer, let the water fall on the tattoo indirectly.
    Apply a mild, unscented soap to the tattoo, just rub it lightly with your fingers. Avoid using bath sponges, as they can transmit bacteria. The tattoo will probably have dried blood and other residue on it, which you will need to remove. However, you should not scrub it, as doing so may irritate it.
    Dry the tattoo with a clean towel. Do not rub it, as this may irritate it. Simply dab the tattoo until it dries. You will probably notice a little blood, which is fine. If you don’t have a clean towel handy, you can use paper towels. Dirty towels can introduce bacteria.

    Keeping the tattoo clean and healthy
    Wash the tattoo three times a day for the first two weeks to keep it clean. While the tattoo is healing, you will need to practice good hygiene to keep it from becoming infected.
    Use a moisturizing ointment on the tattoo once it is dry. Choose one that is unscented and preferably hypoallergenic so that it does not irritate the tattoo. Then rub it in carefully with clean hands. You can use a lotion after about a week.
    Let the tattoo breathe by removing the bandage. Once you have applied the moisturizer, do not put the bandage back on the tattoo. You should only keep the bandage on the tattoo for the first day. After that, it is best to let the tattoo get some fresh air.
    Avoid taking a bath in the tub while the tattoo is healing. Sitting in a bathtub full of water can introduce bacteria into the tattoo. Instead, stick to taking showers so you are less likely to introduce bacteria into your tattoo.
    Avoid swimming in pools and lakes. Large bodies of water are teeming with bacteria and you don’t want those bacteria getting into the tattoo. Wait until the tattoo is completely healed before going swimming.