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Minimalist tattoo, what is it?

    Minimalism is one of the tattoo styles that has gained popularity and is currently one of the favorites. The simplicity that characterizes it makes it possible to capture on the skin messages and ideas full of meaning in just a few lines.
    Minimalist tattoos stand out for using simple strokes, which makes them more attractive and are highly recommended for people who are looking for their first tattoo. Generally, they can be associated to people who, due to their lifestyle, are looking for a small and discreet tattoo, but full of meaning.

    The minimalist tattoo does not try to imitate things in their realistic form, but seeks to have its own identity and focus on the shapes that compose it, it aims to simplify the form to the essential, stripping it of the excess. It seeks purity of form, focusing on simplicity and truth, through symbols in the daily life of contemporary generations.
    Some of its characteristics: they are commonly small tattoos with a lot of meaning and are almost always in black ink, although they can also be larger scale tattoos occupying the arm or back, and sometimes have color accents.
    Some designs that lend themselves to this style of tattoo are:

    1. Date and word tattoos: Minimalist tattoos of significant dates that have marked a before and after or words that have had a great impact on our lives are common. They are simple designs but they manage to convey a whole meaning every time we see them on our skin.
    2. Arrows and wind roses: The simplicity, their delicate and thin shape, make arrows tattoos ideal for people looking for discreet tattoos with a lot of meaning, they are used to represent direction, determination and to remind you never to look back. When crossed they symbolize friendship, the compass rose represents guidance and a traveling personality.
    3. Silhouettes and outlines: The appeal of silhouette and outline tattoos is that the design has little ink and you can recognize the shape immediately, it is usually a detail that you like how it looks, you can make this type of tattoos on your fingers using small symbols like a moon, or maybe you can make a silhouette of a picture you love.
    4. Continuous line tattoos: This design will always be a creative option, here you can use animals, objects, people, flowers, etc. The results will be amazing and you can have a unique tattoo.
    5. Couple, friends and family tattoos: One of the good reasons to get a tattoo is to represent love, in this style, you will achieve it very well with designs that represent union. Geometric symbols and contours will be very useful to express and give meaning to your tattoo, and it will be easier to find a design that your tattoo partner will also like.
    6. Geometric and abstract tattoos: Geometric tattoos aim to put order in chaos, they represent science, mathematics and cosmos. They are very popular when you are looking for a detail where only you know the meaning.