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Quality Tattoos!

    Here is an example of a client who was tattooed by @aleman_art and who, one day by chance, found someone else with a design just like his but with a lower quality finish; the images speak for themselves.

    While a tattoo lasts for life, quality does not, a tattoo remains optimal for the first years, but after a while it begins to lose definition, depending on the quality of the ink, the tattoo artist’s skill and the body itself, because not all bodies are the same.

    A well done tattoo is not only distinguished by the design itself well done, but also by the way the tattoo healed, returning to the above, the healing is unique in each individual and therefore differs from each other, there is a limit, that the tattoo artist must know, If the tattoo artist goes beyond this limit, the skin tissues will break and will heal with a slight protuberance that will be noticed when looking at it carefully or passing the finger over the tattoo and will cause itching even after months of healing.

    For these reasons, it is extremely important to evaluate well which artist you will choose and if it is really worth saving a few dollars and risk an inferior result. After all, a tattoo is something you are going to wear for life, it should be perfect.