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Tattoo trends for 2022 / 2023

    Tattoos are more and more chosen by young people and celebrities; the style, design and place where you decide to get it done is important, so we recommend you to think very well every detail before doing it, consult with your tattoo artist, to finally make it happen. Below, we leave you different tattoo trends so you can get inspired.

    • Minimalist and small tattoos: these are tattoos that do not go out of fashion, they are delicate, beautiful and look good on any part of the body, they are also ideal as a first tattoo, since they are small and simple.
    • Couple tattoos: Love can be expressed in many ways, and one of them, which is very fashionable is through a tattoo. There are many different designs, but they all have the same objective, to show love and union, the idea of these tattoos is that they are two drawings that complement each other, for example, the moon and the sun, a key and a lock, or a bow and an arrow, and it can also be that both are tattooed with the same design as a heart or a word. They can be done in all sizes and are usually done on the arms, wrists and ankles.
    • Snake tattoos: Snakes are animals that tend to be related to darkness, because of their stealthy ways and their high level of venom. However, nowadays we can see snake tattoos on many people, whether men or women, there are designs that range from being very colorful and imposing to detailed and delicate.
    • Butterfly tattoos: This style of tattoos is very broad, as they can be very simple, minimalist style, or they can also be very detailed and colorful, they can even be shaded. If we get into the meaning of butterflies, it varies according to cultures, but we can say that it represents evolution and metamorphosis, delicacy, beauty, joy and femininity.
    • Finger tattoos: Finger tattoos are a trend in both women and men, they are tattoos that need to be reconsidered because generally when they are on the side of the finger they tend to wear out and the ink may not hold well at all. As for the designs, they can be astrological symbols, the Om symbol, letters, words, dates, numbers, the moon, hearts, dots, flames of fire, eyes, the sun, arrows, mandalas, minimalist planets, a straight line, dotted lines, animals, flowers, crowns, crosses, triangles and many more options.