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Tips to keep in mind when choosing your tattoo

    If you are about to get your first tattoo, we are sure you will have thousands of questions and maybe, not knowing the answers, you will not allow yourself to take this step. To choose your tattoo it is very important that you take into consideration the place where you will get your tattoo, the design, the size, the cost and the area of your skin. If this is your case, here are some tips to make sure your tattoo is the right one.

    1. The design.
      The first tattoo will be the most special, with a strong meaning and probably your favorite, therefore, you should think about what style of tattoo you prefer, design you have in mind, its meaning… You can get some ideas by looking for tattoo designs on the internet to have reference images and think about the style you like the most. If you still don’t have everything so clear, you can pass by studios like ours that have wide experience to solve the ideas and make an amazing designs.
    2. The size
      Do you like small tattoos or do you prefer big ones? You must know that the size of your tattoo will depend on the design; for your tattoo to keep looking good for a long time you must think about some factors like the size of the lines, detail, technique, etc. At Signature Tattoo Studio we have specialists who will be able to advise you.
    3. Body area
      One of the most difficult decisions is to know where you are going to get it done, many people decide the area according to pain and others prefer to be guided by visibility. Do you prefer your tattoo to be discreet or do you want everyone to be able to see? In short, for yourself or to show off.
    4. Color or black and gray tattoos
      The black and gray tattoos also known as blackwork are more resistant to the passage of time, if you take care of them, they will not degrade quickly. On the other hand, color tattoos can be more striking and expressive, but they are much more fragile to sunlight and their cost is higher.
    5. The artist
      You have to think about the reputation, the quality, their facilities and their attention. You can look for information on the web and see their portfolios so you can be sure that the style is what you are looking for. Don’t risk it for a few dollars less, cheap is expensive.
    6. The budget
      The price of a tattoo depends on the size, complexity and the tattoo artist himself. A tattoo artist with extensive experience and quality work, accompanied by a studio with good facilities, will be an important factor for the cost of your tattoo.
      It is normal to have some doubts when you decide to go for your first tattoo, but if you consider these ideas the process will be much easier. Don’t get something that you are not sure about, a tattoo is lifetime lasting. So if you need advice do not hesitate to approach our specialists, we are waiting for you at the studio!