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Where on the body to get a tattoo: visible or private?

    You have already made the most important decision: you are going to get a tattoo. You may even have a design in mind, but now you have to define where on your body to get a tattoo. One issue to consider may be whether it hurts or not and choose the area according to your pain threshold; another very important aspect is whether you want it in a public or private place, that is to say, do you want everyone to see it or do you want it to be watched only by you? What does it depend on which zone to choose?

    Your job
    One of the aspects that undoubtedly concerns us is employment and tattooing. Although it is illegal in the United States to discriminate in the workplace because of tattoos, for some jobs it is important to follow certain dress codes and personal appearance; if there are no problems with yours, there is nothing to be afraid of.

    Your personality
    If you are discreet, don’t like to explain yourself too much, are even a bit introverted, or just don’t want your mom to get a heart attack, you can start by choosing a private place. You will enjoy your tattoo, you won’t have to give explanations, nobody will ask you what it means, and you can choose a meaningful design related to a private or personal theme.
    On the other hand, if you are extroverted, friendly, adventurous and you like to go for everything, a visible place is ideal. We’ll tell you once and for all: yes you are going to attract attention, yes you are going to be asked where you got your tattoo, and the most asked question “what does your tattoo mean”. We are sure you are not worried about that, you are used to be the life of the party.
    We know that the first tattoo can be a little more difficult. If you choose a discreet place it doesn’t mean that the second one can’t be on a much more exposed body part. Sometimes it just takes a little time to go for the second one.

    The important thing is that the design represents you, speaks about your personality and looks the way you dreamed it would, that’s why we always recommend going to a professional studio with qualified tattoo artists.

    See you at Signature Tattoo Studio!